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100% organic ingredients
rooibos, hibiscus flower, rose hips, rose leaves, rose petals, raisins, dried blueberries, lavender, lavender, comfrey leaf, agave


Benefits of the individual herbs
Rooibos promotes better blood circulation, as well as aids digestion. It’s also antioxidant rich. The hibiscus flowers naturally help relieve high blood pressure and control cholesterol. They also provide an anti-inflammatory effect, boost  the immune system, and improve digestive health. Rose petals deliver gentle therapeutic benefits, reducing stress and relaxing the body, as well as promoting skin with a youthful glow. Lavender benefits your digestive system in many ways. It can it can relieve an upset stomach, reduce nausea and prevent vomiting. It can also relieve intestinal gas abdominal swelling. Red and black currants are rich in antioxidants. Discover how it can revive your feeling of wellbeing day after day.