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Indulge in the inviting aroma of Relax and sip its smooth taste. You’ll be transported to a mental space of spiritual peace and tranquility. A wonderfully aromatic and flavorful way to unwind after a long day at work on returning home after a long flight. 

100% organic ingredients
chamomile, passion flower, lemon verbena, hawthorn leaves & flowers, cardamom, agave


Benefits of the individual herbs
Chamomile has a legendary reputation for helping to calm nerves, reduce stress, control insomnia, and promote sleep. Passion flower is an herb with mildly sedative effect that provides an antianxiety benefit, so it helps to give you a good night’s sleep. It’s also a healthy antioxidant. Hawthorn leaves and flowers are known to be good for your cardiovascular system. They lower blood pressure and improve hearth rhythm. Lemon balm improves your digestive health, has a neuroprotective function, and contains antioxidants. Cardamom adds to the ability of the tea to help you relax, reduce restlessness, nervousness, and anxiety while it gives you mood a little lift.