Customer Comments

Enjoy reading the enthusiastic comments our customers have made about the premier luxury tisanes of Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne.

“I started drinking Zabico Detox Tea every morning before eating anything. After the end of the second week, I really started noticing a difference. I had more energy, I was more alert at work, and my clothes started getting loose. I also noticed that my love handles were going down, which was one of my problem areas. I am so thankful for Detox Tea! I can't wait to reach my ultimate goal with the help of Zabico!” – E. Roan, Sr., April 21, 2017


“I did your complete detox program and have been feeling soooo much better.  I truly feel like a "new me"!!!  I have a whole new outlook on life and I am not miserable in my clothes anymore. I can never thank you enough for helping me on my journey to better health!!!”  -- W. Snell, December 2016


“Zabico's 14-Day natural cleanse cleanses your entire system. I've tried so many cleanses but nothing left me feeling as good as this one. The best thing about it was that I didn't have to drink something that tasted disgusting on a daily basis. During the cleanse, my skin looked healthier and clear but the amount of extra energy I have after the cleanse is what sold me on the product.” – E.G, August 24 2015


“After a series of stressful events I have had trouble sleeping at night for the past few years.  I tried exercising and doing crossword puzzles but nothing would work. I tried prescription and over-the-counter medicines but the side effects made me feel worse. My sister recommended that I try Body Relax Herbal Tea by ZABICOLife. I am amazed at the results and the taste of the Body Relax herbal tea – and I have NO SIDE EFECTS.  Every night I have a cup of Body Relax tea to help me relax. It helps to calm my mind down and I am able to focus better during the day. I am so glad that I finally found something that works.  I highly recommend Body Relax for anyone who feels stressed or just wants to be more relaxed.” – N. Lorner, April 2017


“I have had the pleasure of using all of ZABICOLife products for several years. The benefits have improved my quality of life and they taste amazing! They will remain a constant in health journey. Thank you!” - Anonymous Jan 2019