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It does so by helping to clear toxins from your bloodstream and revivify your overall health and add a lovely glow to your skin. As you sip this delectably healthy infusion, you will feel your whole being entering a place of healing, and renewal.

100% organic ingredients
cinnamon, gunpowder green tea, citronella, turmeric, moringa, agave


Benefits of the individual herbs
Green tea is an antioxidant-rich tisane that improves brain health, enhances physical performance, and improves fat burning. Organic cinnamon adds a delicious accent to the green tea. We source it from Ceylon for excellence. It’s antioxidant rich, helps regulate blood sugar and improves digestion. Turmeric supports your immune system and aids digestive health. Citronella is loaded with antioxidants, too, and boosts your metabolism to help burn fat. It also has antimicrobial properties. To complete this exquisite formulation, moringa adds vital nutrients and minerals to the body.