About Us

Boutique Herbal Infusions For Modern Living

ZABICOLife started several years ago from a deep passion and love for herbs, herbalism, natural eating and living by founder Gladstone Etienne. The name “ZABICO” comes from the ‘French Creole’ name for the Apricot tree. This tree represents, life, resilience, and long lasting strength. We discovered that making small and steady changes in what we ate while using herbal tisanes and herbal remedies led to astounding results. We believe that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself provided it gets the necessary care and attention by the way of adequate nutrition, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual focus.

Gladstone is an herbal connoisseur, health enthusiast, and environmentalist. He has a deep passion to see people living their best. He grew up in the Eastern Caribbean on the Nature Island Dominica on an organic farm with an abundance of herbs, animals, fruits and vegetables. He rarely visited the conventional doctor as a child, as his parents would use herbal mixes and potions for all types of aliments. His herbal tisanes were inspired by his upbringing, island herbal blending techniques, knowledge of herbs and spiritual insight. He is a certified herbal retailer. His love and knowledge of herbs, and their uses, coupled with his passion for seeing others healthy became the driving force for ZABICOLife. After seeing the improvements that the herbal tisanes and herbal detoxes made in the lives of his family members and friends, the decision was clear; ZABICOLife could help many people. Like the Apricot tree, ZABICOLife improves the quality of your life…making one more resilient, healthy and strong.

Additionally, Gladstone is an accomplished harp musician with an affinity for creating music for relaxation, meditation and therapy. His herbal tisanes coupled with his soul soothing harp music creates an environment where stress and anxiety disappears, equilibrium is restored, and creativity blossoms.